Autoclaved Aerated Concrete is a Lightweightblock, High-insulating, Load-bearing, Durable building product, which is produced in a wide range of sizes and strengths. AAC Blocks is lightweight and compare to the red bricks AAC blocks are three times lighter. AAC is produced from the common materials lime, sand, cement and water, and a small amount of rising agent. After mixing and molding, it is then autoclaved under heat and pressure to create its unique properties. AAC has excellent thermal insulation and acoustic absorption properties. AAC is fire and pest resistant, and is economically and environmentally superior to the more traditional structural building materials such as concrete, wood, brick and stone.


Used for Internal and External walls in many building constructions, for example in residential homes, commercial and industrial buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels and many other applications


  • Earthquake resistance High compressive strength
  • High resistance to water penetration Pest resistance
  • Superior fire resistance Prevent efflorescence
  • Excellent thermal insulation Light weight
  • Faster construction
  • Sound insulation and absorption Environment friendly
  • Perfect size and shape

Suitable For

  • Internal And External walls
  • Cavity Walls
  • Partition Walls
  • Air Conditioned buildings
  • Fire rated applications
  • Insulated buildings

Technical Data

Dimensions (L x W) 600mm x 200mm
Thickness 75mm – 300mm
Compressive strength (N/mm²) 3.5
Dry Density (Kg/m³) 550 – 600
Thermal Conductivity (W/m-k) 0.12
Sound Reduction (db) 35-45
Fire Resistance 1600˚C/6hrs for 200mm thickness
Precision In size (mm) +/- 1.5
Shrinkage allowance 0.04%


Size (mm) 600 x 200 x 100-300 230 x 115 x 75
Variation in Dimensions +/-1.5 mm 5-15mm
Compressive Strength (N/mm²) 3.5 - 5 N/mm² 2.5 to 3.5 N/mm²
Dry Density (Kg/m³) 550 - 650 1950
Fire Resistance 2 to 6 hour (Depending on thickness) 2 Hours
Sound Reduction Index (db) 45db for 200mm thick wall 50db for 230mm thick wall
Thermal Conductivity W/m-k 0.16 0.81
Maintenance Less Comparatively higher
Energy saving ~25% reduction in air conditioner load No savings
Construction speed Very high due to bigger size, light weight Comparatively lower
Quality Uniform and Consistent Normally varies
Quantity of Cement Required Per cubic meter of wall 0.5 bag of Cement 1.4 bags of Cement


Our service include waterproofing, grouting, tile installation and crack Filling.