Wall care putty coarse

V-BOND Coarse Finish Skim Coat is made of White Cement, Polymers, and Special Grade minerals. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor surfaces. It covers all the undulations of the wall and provides white, levelled surface for V Wall Gard Fine Finish application. It also renders a additional durable water-resistant base that prevents finish finishes from flaking

Substrate Preparation

Clean the surface with the help of emery stone, putty blade or wire brush. Moisten the wall with sufficient quantity of clean water. There should not be any mildew or algae on the surface.


  • White & levelled surface
  • Water-Resistant
  • Superior Bonding
  • Higher Coverage for Wall Gard Finish Finishes
  • Good Breathability
  • Does not allow Fine Finish to flake
  • Ideal for interior & exterior walls

Technical Data

Appearance White, Coarse and free flowing Material
Water Required 13 – 15 ltr for 40 Kg
Tensile Adhesion Strength > 1.2 MPa
Pot Life 3-4 hrs
Time for subsequent application 12 – 16 Hrs
Application thickness Max 5 mm in one coat
Compressive Strength > 7.5 MPa
Coverage Min 10 sft. / kg of thickness 2.0 mm- Vary on Surface level


Surface must be min one coated cement plaster. Surface must be Sound, free from grease, oil, loose and dirt adhering particles


40 Kg Bag

Shelf Life

Factory sealed bag of this product is guaranteed for first quality for 9 Months. * if stored up in dry area.


VBond products are supplied all over india, when it is in bulk order, we have our own logistics, transportation cost is bared by the customer.